Bespoke Shoes

Detailed perfection. The foot is the foundation of a bespoke shoe. Studies of feet play an important role in the creation of a custom-made shoe, because every foot is unique and reacts in a different way. Even one person's feet differ from each other.

Only a wooden last, which is measured accurately for each individual, guarantees the perfect fit and is the foundation for the shoe. It takes 300 different tasks to create a fully hand-made shoe following Materna's tradition.

Another art is the choice of leather. Depending on how the shoe will be worn, various types of leather are used: calf, chevreau and stag, ostrich, crocodile and snake. If the shoe is treated correctly, because leather needs to breathe like skin, then a bespoke shoe can last a lifetime.


“It's easier to put on
a pair of shoes than to
wrap the earth in leather.”

Chogyam TrungpaBuddhist meditation master


Therefore, it is almost unfair to say that a custom-made shoe is an expensive investment, because it is one that will last.